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Business Heroes® Grid
July 31, 2023

Kickstart Your Business After the Summer Holidays with the Business Heroes® Grid

As an entrepreneur, I know firsthand that the journey to next-level success can often feel like navigating through a maze. Whether you're a solopreneur or leading a team, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed, unsure if you're investing your precious time and energy in the right activities. You might find yourself questioning if your efforts are truly resonating with your customers and leading to the growth you desire.

In the quest for more business and higher revenue, it's common to feel lost, spending countless hours on tasks without knowing if they'll attract more clients. This is precisely why we've created a tool to bring clarity to your chaos - the Business Heroes® Grid.

This tool is designed to help you focus on what truly matters in running a successful service-based business. It brings clarity to your work, helping you align your efforts with the needs of your customers, regardless of the size of your team. With the Business Heroes® Grid, you can confidently invest your time in activities that not only meet your customers' needs but also drive your business growth.


The Business Heroes® Grid is designed to help you document your customer's journey across five distinct stages. It outlines their objectives and activities at each stage, allowing you to align your efforts with your ideal client's needs.

This tool also guides you in documenting the various activities you undertake to support your potential customers. These activities are organized into nine different steps within the grid.

The Business Heroes® Grid helps you keep track of responsibilities, team member's contributions, and key performance indicators (KPIs). This information provides valuable insights into your progress and helps you prioritize your efforts.

Furthermore, this tool identifies opportunities for optimization and improvement at each step, ensuring that you're always delivering the best to your customers.

The Business Heroes® Grid also highlights the systems and tools that can support you at each step. These include routines, processes, and IT systems. In addition, AI tools can play a significant role in optimizing your business processes and customer interactions.

By putting your customer at the center of everything you do, the Business Heroes® Grid helps you provide targeted, effective support at every stage of the customer journey. This comprehensive tool is designed to bring clarity to your work, reduce stress, and help you spend your time where it matters most. No matter where in the world you are, as long as you're ready to embark on a more enjoyable entrepreneurial journey, the Business Heroes® Grid is here to guide you.

Map Your Client's Journey

Understanding your client's journey is a crucial aspect of running a successful business. It allows you to align your efforts with your client's needs and expectations at each stage of their journey. The Business Heroes® Grid incorporates this journey into its framework, providing a clear roadmap for supporting your clients effectively.

The Five Phases of the Customer Journey:

  • Creating awareness about problems and needs
  • Researching and considering
  • Making decisions & ordering
  • Delivery and use
  • Becoming loyal and an ambassador

Each phase has its own goals and activities that guide your clients as they move from one phase to the next in their buyer journey.

Make Your Activities Purposeful with Intention

Strategically plan your activities on a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily basis, or based on specific triggers, using the 9 steps to effectively support your client's customer journey.

  • Identify your target audience and get to know your ideal clients
  • How to spark curiosity in your ideal clients
  • Build your list by collecting contacts
  • How to educate your ideal clients to make them want to order
  • How to offer your clients to book your services
  • How your clients book/order your services
  • How to deliver & wow your clients
  • How to offer your clients to book/order more
  • How to get introductions to new potential clients

Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) you want or need to measure at each step is crucial. These KPIs will provide valuable insights into your progress and help you prioritize your efforts. If there are steps that are not being measured today or systems that do not support the collection of KPIs you will know what to fix. If you have reliable and accurate data you can make data-driven designs and not just on a hinge. Having data will help you feel more in control and know the processes can be improved.

Assign Team Responsibilities

Deciding which team members, key vendors, partners, or suppliers are responsible for each step ensures that everyone knows their role and can focus on their tasks. This promotes efficiency and accountability within your team. As well as it becomes a great transparency in the team on who to talk with if you would like to help out or have ideas on soothing out the process when the customer moves from one step to another.

Document Improvements and Optimizations

Documenting what you want to improve and optimize for each step is crucial. This will help you identify opportunities for optimization and improvement, ensuring that you're always delivering the best to your clients. Prioritize those improvements and optimizations that you know your clients will appreciate most and will help them move along their customer journey faster and even enjoy it more.

Determine the Technology, Systems, and Routines You'll Use

Deciding on the technology, systems, and routines you'll use to simplify and ensure quality at each step is crucial. These tools can support you at each step, making your work easier and more efficient with tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) tools like Keap, email marketing tools, social media platforms, project management software, and online course platforms like Kajabi.


The Business Heroes® Grid is a comprehensive tool designed to guide you through the entrepreneurial journey. It helps you understand your client's journey, plan your activities, define KPIs, assign team responsibilities, document improvements, and optimizations, and determine the technology, systems, and routines you'll use. By putting your client at the center of everything you do, the Business Heroes® Grid helps you provide targeted, effective support at every stage of the client journey.

Ready to start working smarter, not harder, to reach your goals? Download the one-page Business Heroes® Grid and fill it out to kickstart your journey after the summer holidays.

You can use this tool to revise and improve how you support your ideal client's customer journey over time based on feedback from your clients and the KPIs in the grid. It's time to embark on a more enjoyable entrepreneurial journey through the clarity and structure you get with the Business Heroes® Grid.

Sarah Watz

Sarah Watz

Co-founder and Mentor - Business Heroes®

I am on a mission to provide service-based small business owners all over the world with the best conditions for growth.

In this way, we can together drive innovation, accelerate growth, increase economic prosperity, create more job opportunities, and ultimately build a better society.

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